Membership Details:

Admission Fee : ¥5,500
Administration Fee: ¥1,650
First month and last months tuition fee will be collected at the time of admission

Please bring the following:
Account number of your financial institute
Bank seal for documents

niform Cost:

Men’s swimsuit: ¥1,370
Women’s swimsuit: ¥2,995

Swim cap: ¥500
School Bag: ¥ 1,510
Card Case: ¥170

Arm Floats: ¥700
**Required for children who are still unable to swim**

Payment Details:

Tuition(s) will be automatically deducted from the designated account on the 26th of each month. All admission fees will be non-refundable. Due to administrative requirements from the financial institutions, we will need to collect the first and last months tuition in order to activate your automatic deduction program.

Your personal information is strictly for admission purposes only. Your information will not be shared outside of our company and will be disposed of by shredders once processed.

ntermission Details:

Short Term Break:

If you are unable to attend a class due to unexpected reasons, you will be able to reschedule to another class up until the 14th of the following month. Please see the reception desk prior to the end of business of following month.

Extended Break:

If you are absent, or plan to be absent for more than a month you can still retain membership. Please see the reception desk for a membership suspension form. A one time administrative fee of ¥1650 will be charged to your account.

School Bus Route Modification:

If you need to make modifications to your current bus route or stop, please see the reception desk prior to the last day of the month preceding the requested change.

Membership Withdrawals:

If you wish to withdrawal your membership, please complete the required form at the reception desk prior to close of business of the last day of the month that you would like to stop membership.